Church News, Prayer Diary and Programme

Church Fete:  Saturday 10th June 2 – 5pm


Warm Space

Our Warm Space has now closed for the spring and summer.  We hope to start a weekly ‘Coffee and Chat’ in church after Easter.

DENS foodbank in Bovingdon

As the cost of living rises the need for foodbank help is increasing. 

We have resumed our collection of food for DENS in church. You can leave donated items in the box at the back of church, or the box by the front door of The Vicarage, 10 Church St, at any time.

If you would like to help taking food collections down to DENS and replenishing our stock of food parcels as and when needed please talk to Dena Tyler 

Sunday services

We have returned to our normal pattern of worship with singing.  We share Communion in both kinds (bread and wine) but those who wish to receive bread only may do so.

Our regular pattern of services:

First Sunday of the month:

          8.00am Holy Communion (BCP)

10.00am Family Communion*

2nd & 3rd Sundays:

8.00am Holy Communion (BCP)

9.30am Family Praise

10.30am Parish Communion*

4th Sunday

8.00am Holy Communion (BCP)

9.30am Family Praise

10.30am Morning Prayer*

*10.00/10.30 services will also be broadcast over Zoom

If you’d like to join one of our services over Zoom  and aren’t on our regular e-mail circulation, please e-mail  for an invitation.

Here are our regular weekly news sheet ‘In Touch’ and our monthly prayer diary

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