The Churchyard

The Churchyard around St Lawrence Church is large and old. Our churchyard covers 4.5 acres and is the largest open churchyard in Hertfordshire. We know of more than 1700 graves in the churchyard and are sure over the centuries many thousands of local people have been buried here. Our churchyard is a beautiful and restful place enjoyed by many in the local community. Over 200 trees are growing in the churchyard, ranging from very tall Corsican Pine trees to the short Irish Yews that border the main path through the churchyard. The churchyard is still in use for burials, and it is our hope that the peace of our churchyard will bring to the bereaved some comfort a sense of the peace which Christ brings to those who follow Him.

Who can be buried in the churchyard?

Anyone resident in the parish of St Lawrence may be buried in the churchyard if they wish to receive a Christian burial. Those whose families or relatives are buried in the churchyard may also be interred in family graves if space allows, even if they are not resident in the parish of St Lawrence.

Who pays for the maintenance of the Churchyard?

The churchyard is maintained by volunteers & individuals responsible for family graves, everything is paid for by St Lawrence church. We would be very glad to receive financial support from any and all who appreciate the beauty and tranquility of this beautiful part of Bovingdon. If you would like to make a donation send a cheque to The Vicarage, 10 Church Street, Bovingdon Herts HP3 0LU(made payable to St Lawrence Church).

What’s new in the Churchyard?

Churchyard improvements                                                

Our churchyard is one of the largest and prettiest in Hertfordshire and our vision is to make it into a place that may be enjoyed by all the people of the village. In 2015 the pathway around the churchyard was restored by a Bovingdon contractor, the surface has already weathered and blended well with our lovely Churchyard. More benches have been installed. The second phase to extend the path and to place three sculptures in different materials, wood, metal and stone was completed in 2018 and the paths and sculptures were blessed by the Bishop of St Albans.

Church and church yard leaflet

Church pathway leaflet

Bovingdon St Lawrence Churchyard Bryophytes Report