2022 Christian Aid Week

Jessica Mwedzi smiles with love for her children as she stirs a single bowl of porridge for them…

…But she knows they’re hungry for more. This one bowl of porridge is all she and her family can eat today: ‘My children crave a decent meal, but I can’t provide. We often go to bed on an empty stomach. It pains me to send them to bed hungry.’

‘So painful and disheartening’

For Jessica, drought means every day is a struggle for survival. Like many women in rural Zimbabwe – 7 out of 10 rely on farming for income and food – she toils on her farm, but nothing can grow on her ashen, dry land. Drought starves. Intensified by the climate crisis, and the effects of war in Ukraine on global food production, it drives families into hunger. Jessica recalls that ‘One year, we had no rain. The scorching sun burnt my crops just as they were about to bloom. It was so painful and disheartening.’

You can help this loving mum turn hunger into hope

It’s unjust that drought – exacerbated by the effects of conflict and the global pandemic – robs Jessica of the power to provide for her family. Her husband is unwell, so she’s the only breadwinner. Her children look up to her, but she has nothing left to give.

Once before, when things were desperate, Jessica asked her neighbours for food but she came home with nothing.

Jessica is anything but helpless. In the face of drought, her love for her family gives her courage to stand strong – and we stand with Jessica.

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