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Please read our Summer 2017 Newsletter:

So far the summer has been wonderful and we are not into August yet.  The weather has been so kind to us that out events have taken place on beautiful days.

On 29 April we held our annual Safari Supper.  This was an experiment as we moved it from autumn to spring by popular demand and reduced the courses from three to two.  34 people participated contributing £725 to our funds.  The changes were popular and people enjoyed it so we will continue with this format.  We will however consider starting a little earlier next time.

On 10 May, Pauline Wright hosted a coffee morning at West Winds. It was a lovely occasion and the weather was so much better than the previous year.  129 people came contributing just over £1,000.

This was followed on 18 June by five Open Gardens.  This time the gardens were concentrated around Chipperfield Road and Flaunden Lane.    The weather was brilliant showing the gardens at their best thus enabling the event to be a great success.   We are indebted to the following gardeners for all their hard work:

Beth and Natalie

Caroline and John

Wendy and Alan

Sandra and Gordon

Toni and Matt

Jane Caley organised the antiques roadshow and auction and together with an army of volunteers in the five gardens we raised nearly £5,500.   340 people passed through which was very good considering we clashed with Fathers Day.

Next up was the Music Festival held at St. Lawrence over the four day period, 6,7,8 and 9 July.  Inspired by Adrienne Walters and organised by Charles Burch, Pauline Wright and Jane Caley and a team of volunteers we were treated to music by the Children of Bovingdon Academy, folk and popular singers, classical singing by Adrienne herself and the Harrow Opera Company and a Camerata concert led and conducted by Philippa Burch.  It is the first time that such an event has been held at St. Lawrence and everyone feels encouraged to do it again.  Not all the events were money raisers but just over £3,000 was raised which was really pleasing.

We are so grateful for all the people who help us for without them we could not put on these events.

I turn now to the works that are being done with the money that is raised.

All our permissions are now through to enable us to start work on Phase 2 of the churchyard project and visible progress will be seen in September.  In the meantime, the oak stump has been placed in situ and the sculptures have been commissioned.  We are still on target to have this phase completed this year.  The contractor who will do the work is Peter Hope who is known to many of you being a Bovingdon resident.

The great door in the tower has been deteriorating for a long time as we sought a contractor who would take on the restoration work.   Happily Peter Hope has taken this on board and will do so alongside the churchyard project.  You will see that it has now been taken away for the work to be done offsite.  We look forward to seeing it back in restored condition.

Finally, we still await the specification and cost estimates for the internal redecoration of the church itself.  This is likely to be a much bigger project than originally envisaged involving the lighting and the heating but not the pews.  This will be a major project and the one for which we are accumulating reserves at present.

With best wishes for an enjoyable August

John Walker

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